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Special Exception Cell Tower. While the applicant prevailed on many key points in its appeal of a special exception denial for a 150 foot cell tower, the Zoning Hearing Board denial was upheld on three relatively technical points: (1) the joint applicants failed to demonstrate that either had a FCC license (unfortunately the record was confused as to the name the subsidiary entity on the license), (2) the decision of the trial court after a sua sponte hearing on the latter point (which found that the licensee was an entity related to one of the applicants and so the applicant was a FCC licensee) was disregarded because the hearing should only have been held only on motion by a party, and (3) a letter confirming compliance with FCC radio safety standards was conclusory, failing to demonstrate how the radio operation would comply with FCC guidelines. SBA Towers IX, LLC v. Unity Township Zoning Hearing Board, decided February 16, 2018.