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2018 Edition


Published: December, 2017 (2018 Edition)
(Previous Editions: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2016)
Most recent supplement/update: N/A
ISBN: 0-9755281-2-2


The Collected Statutes, Rules and Regulations Affecting Pennsylvania Real Estate

Real Estate Law in Pennsylvania is interspersed across scores of statutes. Lawyers and other professionals involved in real estate transactions or litigation must delve into dozens of titles and codes. Concise arrangement of the myriad enactments impacting real property law has been long needed, but until now unavailable.

Bisel's Pennsylvania Real Estate Lawsource® now compactly compiles within a single 1100-page soft-cover volume all of the laws and statutes required by the real property practitioner, with the entirety of Pennsylvania real property law redacted in a unique and practical arrangement. The division of this Lawsource® into nine coordinated topic areas, containing over seventy chapters and subchapters, will provide the legal practitioner with easy access to the widely scattered statutes governing real estate, in a semblance of order lacking in the official enactments. A compilation of the various edicts imposing criminal responsibility reveal an astonishing fourteen provisions sprinkled throughout the laws of Pennsylvania imposing criminal penalties for real estate misbehavior. The civil statutes and codes are collected and catalogued, for the first time in a sensible array.

This Lawsource® presents Real Estate Law, from that ancient Statute of Frauds to the utterly modern Uniform Acts governing Cooperatives and Condominiums. Amendments to the numerous laws governing real estate have been unceasingly enacted in every year and century since the founding of the Commonwealth. Bisel's Pennsylvania Real Estate Lawsource® will be an integral asset in the arsenal of every professional who practices in the vast arena of Real Property Law.


Part I.
Real Estate Brokers, Agreements, and Settlements
1. Statute of Frauds
2. Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act
3. Commercial Real Estate Broker Lien Act
4. Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures
5. Residential Real Estate Transfers Law
6. Real Estate Seller Disclosure Law
7. Home Inspection Law
8. Installment Land Contract Law
9. Notice of Zoning and Code Violations
10. Notice of Bulk Sales, Reports, Taxes
11. Hazardous Waste Disclosure
12. Unavailable Community Sewage Disclosure Requirement
13. Mines and Mining Removal of Surface Support
14. Air Space

Part II.
15. Tenants in Common
16. Joint Tenants
17. Law of Deeds and Conveyances
18. Recorders of Deeds
19. Recordable Documents
20. Real Estate Registries
21. Uniform Parcel Identifier Law
22. Uniform Acknowledgment Act

Part III.
Mortgages and Other Liens
23. Law of Mortgages Generally
24. Maximum Interest Rates: "Act 6"
25. Consumer Credit Cost Disclosure
26. Housing Finance Agency Law
27. Secondary Mortgage Loans
28. Mortgage Bankers and Brokers and Consumer Equity Protection Act
29. Mortgage Satisfaction
30. Residential Real Estate Transactions
31. Mortgage Bankers and Brokers and Consumer Equity Protection—Continuing Education
32. Real Estate Appraisers Certification Act
33. Priority of Liens
34. Mechanics' Lien Law of 1963
35. Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act

Part IV.
Hazard and Title Insurance
36. Title Insurance Companies
37. Notice Requirements of Property and Casualty Insurers
38. Insurance Adjusters
39. The Pennsylvania Fair Plan Act

Part V.
Zoning, Planning, and Government Regulation
40. Municipalities Planning Code
41. Eminent Domain Code
42. Municipal Code and Ordinance Compliance
43. Crimes and Offenses
44. Divorce and Domestic Violence Property Rights
45. Use and Misuse of Property
46. Pennsylvania Human Relations Act

Part VI.
Real Estate Taxation
47. Transfer Tax Authorization
48. General County Assessment Law
49. Assessors Certification Act
50. Municipal Claims and Tax Liens
51. Real Estate Tax Sale Law
52. Property Tax Rebates and Abatements
53. Revitalization Exemptions from Taxation
54. Internal Revenue Code

Part VII.
Real Estate Litigation
55. Selected Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure Applying to Real Estate
56. Statutes of Limitation
57. Claim by Adverse Possession
58. Attachment of Property Prior to Judgment
59. Declaratory Relief
60. Pennsylvania Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
61. Deficiency Judgments

Part VIII.
Landlord and Tenant
62. Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951
63. Philadelphia Municipal Court Rules of Civil Practice
64. Rules of Civil Procedure for Magisterial District Judges
65. Attachment of Wages, Salary and Commissions under Section 8127(a)(3.1) of the Judicial Code (Landlord/Tenant)

Part IX.
Condominiums, Cooperatives, Mobile Homes
66. Uniform Condominium Act
67. Real Estate Cooperative Act
68. Uniform Planned Community Act
69. Manufactured Housing
70. Mobile Home Park Rights Act

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