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4th Edition


2018 Supplement Author LISA M. RHODE

Published: October 2013 (4th Edition)
(Previous Editions:1975, 1999 & 2006)
Most recent supplement/update: 2018 supplement; released December 2017; $139.00
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Library of Congress Number: 2013951293
ISBN: 978-0-9839159-9-7



First Comprehensive Codification
The Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code reorganized all of the previously existing separate acts dealing with wills, decedents' estates, trusts, minors' estates, incompetents' estates and fiduciaries in general, into one code. The PEF Code is especially notable in that it was the first comprehensive codification of Pennsylvania law enacted as part of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, with the PEF Code appearing as Title 20. This book contains the full text of the Code.

Convenient One Volume Reference — Full Text of Act
It was felt that more than the Code itself was needed to aid the busy practitioner, and thus this book is designed to function in addition as a companion piece to the PEF Code, assembling in one place references to all material dealing with each section—a perfect working combination. Section numbers of the book are identical to section numbers of the PEF Code. The full text of each section of the Code as amended to date is set forth in bold face type, followed by such of the following as are appropriate to that section:


1. Short Title and Definitions
3. Ownership of Property, Legal Title and Equitable Estate
7. Orphans' Court Divisions
    A. Organization
    B. Jurisdiction
    C. Venue
    D. Judges (Repealed)
    E. Duties of The Clerk and Sheriff
    F. Masters, Auditors, Examiners, Guardians Ad Litem and Trustees Ad Litem
    G. Procedure
9. Register of Wills
    A. Jurisdiction and Powers
    B. Records and Certified Copies
21. Intestate Succession
22. Elective Share of Surviving Spouse
25. Wills
27. Contractual Arrangements Relating To Succession
28. Formula Clauses for Federal Tax Purposes
31. Dispositions Independent of Letters; Family Exemption; Probate of Wills and Grant of Letters
    A. Dispositions Independent of Letters
    B. Family Exemption
    C. Probate
    D. Grant of Letters
    E. Personal Representative; Bond
    F. Personal Representative; Revocation of Letters; Removal and Discharge
33. Administration and Personal Representatives
    A. Inventory
    B. Personal Representatives; Powers, Duties and Liabilities
    C. Sales, Pledges, Mortgages, Leases, Options and Exchanges
    D. Abatement, Survival and Control of Actions
    E. Claims; Charges; Rights of Creditors
35. Accounts and Distribution
    A. Accounts
    B. Audits
    C. Review
    D. Distribution
    E. Rights of Distributees
    F. Legacies, Annuities, and Other Charges
37. Apportionment of Death Taxes
41. Foreign Fiduciaries
    A. Power and Duties
    B. Distributions To Foreign Fiduciaries
    C. Transfer of Administration
43. Temporary Fiduciaries
45. Sureties
    A. Rights In Administration
    B. Enforcement of Bond
51. Minors
    A. Small Estates
    B. Appointment of Guardian
    C. Bond
    D. Removal and Discharge
    E. Powers, Duties and Liabilities; In General
    F. Sales, Pledges, Mortgages, Leases, Options and Exchanges
    G. Accounts, Audits, Reviews, Distribution
53. Pennsylvania Uniform Transfers To Minors Act
54. Health Care
    A. General Provisions
    B. Living Wills
    C. Health Care Agents and Representatives
    D. Combined Form
    E. Out-of-Hospital Nonresuscitation
55. Incapacitated Persons
    A. General Provisions
    B. Small Estates
    C. Appointment of Guardian; Bonds; Removal and Discharge
    D. Powers, Duties and Liabilities of Guardians
    E. Accounts, Audits, Reviews and Distribution
    F. Guardian Support
56. Powers of Attorney
57. Absentees and Presumed Decedents
58. Mental Health Care
    A. General Provisions
    B. Mental Health Declarations
    C. Mental Health Powers of Attorney
59 Uniform Adult Guardianship And Protective Proceedings
    A. General Provisions
    B. Jurisdiction
    C. Transfer of Guardianship or Conservatorship
    D. Registration and Recognition of Orders from Other States
    E. Miscellaneous Provisions
61. Estates
62. Disclaimers
63. Multiple-Party Accounts
64. Transfer on Death Security Registration
71. Trust Estates (7101-7192 Deleted by 2006 Act No. 98, Effective Nov. 6, 2006)
72. Prudent Investor Rule
73. Fiduciaries Investments
75. Limitations on Exercise of Trustee Powers and Powers of Beneficiaries to Appoint Trustees
77. Trusts
    A. General Provisions
    B. Judicial Proceeding
    C. Representation
    D. Creation, Validity, Modification and Termination of Trust
    E. Creditor's Claims; Spendthrift and Discretionary Trusts
    F. Revocable Trusts
    G. Office of Trustee
    H. Duties and Powers of Trustee
    I. Liability of Trustees and Rights of Persons Dealing with Trustees
    J. Miscellaneous Provisions
81. Principal and Income
    A. Preliminary Provisions; Power to Adjust; Power to Convert to Unitrust
    B. Decedent's Estate or Terminating Income Interest
    C. Apportionment at Beginning and End of Income Interest
    D. Allocation of Receipts During Administration of Trust
    E. Allocation of Disbursements During Administration of Trust
    F. (Reserved)
    G. (Reserved)
    H. Miscellaneous Provisions
83. Inalienable Property
84. Notice To Veterans' Bureau
85. Simultaneous Death
86. Anatomical Gifts
    A. General Provisions
    B. Express Anatomical Gifts
    C. Corneal Transplants
87. Employee Benefits
88. Slayers

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