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8 Volumes

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AUTHORSHIP:                                                                                                 Original 1964 Publication by JUDGE BURTON R. LAUB                Supplementation 1969-2004 by W. EDWARD SELL                                                Current supplementation and revisions by LISA STEFANONI

Published: 1964-2024
Most recent supplement/update: 2024 supplement & 10 textlets; released May 2024.
ISBN: 1-887024-57-3


Judge Laub's KEYSTONE is the one unique Pennsylvania work designed to give you fast, accurate answers in daily procedure. Two Hundred Seventy-Two (272) separate topics are presently covered across a broad spectrum of practice, and will be expanded as new areas come into focus. (Click here to view sample topic)

  • Here is a launching pad for the many steps a busy lawyer must take each day in the pursuit of a general practice. Not only will it provide a fresh approach each time a specific problem appears, but it will stimulate your memory, cut down research time and reduce the number of interviews with your client.

    A quick approach to the initiation of legal actions, drafting of instruments, and the taking of both aggressive and protective steps in the course of litigation.

    Guides the Pennsylvania lawyer through the important channels, indicating possible courses of action and raising the red flag of danger by appropriate caveats; everything from the conduct of the interview with your client to the conclusion of the matter.

    Step-by-step arrangement which includes: Basic text, important citations, appropriate sources for research, check lists, location of legal forms required and appropriate rules pinpointed.


    Binder 1

    Absentees and Presumed Decedents Abuse of Process Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD) Accounting
    Accounting Fundamentals for Lawyers Acknowledgments Administrators Admiralty
    Adoption Adulterated Foods Adverse Possession Age Discrimination
    Alienation of Affections Alternate Dispute Resolution Amusement Rides Anatomical Gifts
    Annulment of Marriage Antenuptial Contracts Appeal and Certiorari Appearance & Withdrawal
    Arbitration Attachment-Garnishment Attorney Fees Attorney Representation Agreements
    Auction Sales and Auctioneers Automobile Lemon Law Bail Bailments (Revised 2016)

    Binder 2

    Bingo and Other Small Games of Chance Boating Laws Breach of The Peace Bulk Transfers
    Burial Grounds and Cemeteries Business Records Business Trusts Camping Laws
    Change of Name By Individuals Charitable Solicitations Charitable Trusts Child Support
    Civil Action Class Actions Collection of Commercial Claims Collective Bargaining
    Commitments of The Mentally Disabled and Alcoholics Common Law Marriage Comparative Negligence Computer Crime
    Condominiums Confession of Judgment Consolidation & Severance Consumer Credit (Truth In Lending)
    Consumer Discount Company Act Consumer Protection Contempt Contraband Forfeitures
    Contracts In General Contribution Conversion-Equitable Conversion-Tortious
    Copyrights Corporations-Amendment of Articles of Business Corporation Corporations-Amendment of Articles of Nonprofit Corporation Corporations-Bylaws of Business
    Corporations-Bylaws of Nonprofit Corporations-Dissolution of Business Corporations-Dissolution of Nonprofit Corporations-Formation of Business Corporations
    Corporations-Formation of Nonprofit Corporations-Professional Corporations-Qualification of Foreign Business Corporations-Statutory Close

    Binder 3

    Corrupt Organizations (PA. RICO) Costs-Taxation of Counterclaims Covenants Not To Compete
    Credit Cards Criminal Law Checklists Child Custody Dead Man's Act
    Death Actions Decedent's Estate-Settlement of With Assets Over $10,000 Declaratory Judgments Dedication
    Deeds Conveying Real Estate Default Judgment Deficiency Judgments Delay Damages
    Dependent and Delinquent Child Adjudication Dependent Children Depositions and Discovery Desertion & Non-Support
    District Justice-Civil Actions Divestiture of Liens Divorce and Alimony Domicile
    Driving Under Influence Easements Ejectment Election Recounts and Election Contests

    Binder 4

    Embezzlement Eminent Domain Employment Discrimination Equity
    ERISA Escheat (Revised 2016) Escrows Examining the Expert Witness
    Execution (Money Judgments) Executors Extradition Family Medical Leave Act
    Federal Administrative Agencies Federal Employer's Liability Act Federal Estate and Gift Taxes Federal Tort Claims Act
    Fictitious Names-Registration of Forgery Franchises Fraudulent Conveyances
    Freedom Of Information Act Funeral Establishments Goods and Services Installment Sales Act Governmental Immunity
    Guardian Ad Litem - Trustee Ad Litem Guardians of Minors' Estates Gun Control Habeas Corpus
    Immigration and Naturalization Incapacitated Persons' Estates    

    Binder 5

    Indemnity Industrial Development Loans Informed Consent Injunctions
    Insurance Fraud Interpleader Interstate Land Sales-Full Disclosure Act Intervention
    Intestate Succession Investigation-Personal Injury Cases Joinder of Additional Parties Joint and Several Liability
    Joint Venture Judicial Sales Juvenile Court Proceedings Landlord and Tenant Act
    Land Sale Contracts Letters of Credit Libel and Slander Limitation of Actions
    Limited Liability Company Liquor and Malt Beverage Licenses Living Trusts Living Wills
    Long-Arm Statute in PA Malicious Prosecution Mandamus Mechanic's Liens (Revised 2016)
    Medical Malpractice Medical Records Medicaid Medicare
    Megan's Law Minimum Wage-PA Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks Mortgage Foreclosure (Revised 2016)
    Motion for Continuance Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings Motion for Post-Trial Relief Motion for Summary Judgment

    Binder 6

    Motor Vehicle Insurance Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Notary Public
    Novation Nuisance Nursing Homes Occupational Diseases
    Occupational Safety and Health Act-OSHA Opening and Striking Off Judgments Opening and Vacating Streets and Roads Orphans' Court Examiners
    Parental Liability Parole, Probation & Pardon Partition of Real Property Partnerships-Dissolution of
    Partnerships-Formation of Patents Paternity Proceedings Pension Reform Act of 1974 (ERISA)
    Perjury Plain Language Act Post Conviction Relief Act Postnuptial Agreements
    Power of Attorney Powers of Appointment Preliminary Arraignment and Preliminary Hearing Preliminary Objections
    Pretrial Conference Privacy-Invasion of Probate Guide For Executors and Administrators Products Liability
    Professional Associations      

    Binder 7

    Professional Liability-Lawyers' Protection From Abuse Act Public Utility Commission-ICC Punitive Damages
    Quiet Title Actions Quo Warranto Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Act (RICO) Real Estate Sales and Closings
    Real Estate Sale and Purchase Check List Receivers Receiving Stolen Property Reformation of Instruments
    Registered Limited Liability Partnership Releases-Negligence Cases Rent Withholding Act (Revised 2016) Replevin
    Residential Mortgages Restrictive Covenants in Realty Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act Right To Know Act
    Safe Deposits (Revised 2016) Safe Packaging Search and Seizure Secured Transactions
    Separation Agreements Service of Process Sexual Harassment Shareholders' Derivative Suit

    Binder 8

    Sheriff's Interpleader Small Claim Litigation Small Estates-Settlement of by Petition Social Security
    Sovereign Immunity Specific Performance Statute of Frauds Stock Valuation Charts
    Structured Settlements Subchapter S Corporations Subdivision and Land Development (Revised 2016) Subpoenas
    Subrogation Summary Proceedings Under Vehicle Code Sunshine Law Suppression of Evidence
    Suretyship Suspension and Revocation of Operatoring Privilege Tax Sales (Revised 2016) Tenancies
    Termination of Parental Rights Trademarks Trade Secrets Transfers to Minors Act (Revised 2016)
    Trial by Jury Trusts Unemployment Compensation Unincorporated Associations
    USA Patriot Act (The) Voting Trusts Wage Payment & Collection Law Waiver of Conflict of Interest
    Warehouseman Weights and Measures Welfare Laws in PA Will Contests (Revised 2016)
    Workers' Compensation Writ of Prohibition Wrongful Discharge of Employee Zoning Appeals