Pennsylvania Animal Law Handbook

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A Guide to State and Federal Statutes, Regulations, Rules, Cases, Procedures and Forms

1 Volume, Soft-cover, 775 pages
Published: April, 2009
Most recent supplement/update: 2011 supplement, released 10/10; $42.50
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Library of Congress Control Number: 2009922693
ISBN: 978-0-9820154-3-8

Includes Commentary, Case Discussion, and Forms!

An increasing number of attorneys in private practice are specializing in animal law, and every attorney will handle animal law-related cases in their practice. Animal law is scattered: it cuts across criminal law (animal cruelty — prosecution and defense, kennel regulation), family law (custody/visitation of pets, pet agreements), personal injury (dangerous dogs, dog bites and damages, insurance issues), trusts and estates (pets in wills, pet trusts, pet power of attorney), consumer law ("lemon law" for pets), malpractice (veterinary negligence), products liability (pet product cases), municipal law (immunity, First Amendment rights), zoning law (local ordinances), real estate law (leases, landlord-tenant issues) administrative law (service animals) and many other doctrinal areas.

Pennsylvania and federal statutes, regulations and case law relating to animals are widely scattered, but are brought together in this practical handbook.


  • Recently amended Pennsylvania Dog Law and related statutes
  • Newly adopted Canine Health Board guidelines and kennel regulations
  • Recent appellate and trial court case law
  • Practical forms

Discover the current law regarding "dangerous dogs" and "vicious propensities," dog-bite burden of proof and verdicts, liability for non-bite injuries, defenses, recoverable damages, landlord and third-party liability.

Learn what is required to pursue a puppy "lemon law" action, or what must be done to institute a veterinary malpractice action.

Find out where "service animals" are permitted, or what to advise a client regarding the best way to provide care for a pet should incapacity or death occur.

Understand what offenses are subject to animal cruelty prosecution, and what defenses are available.

For the first time in Pennsylvania, these issues, and many others are addressed in a comprehensive and practical handbook.

More general practitioners will be able to handle Animal Law proceedings now that such a resource is available to them.

This edition is current through Act 2008-136 and Case Law through 954 A.2d [Includes Amended Dog Law]


1. Pennsylvania and Federal Animal Law Statutes and Regulations
2. Tort Liability for Injuries Caused by Domestic Animals
3. Third-Party Liability
4. Municipal Liability
5. Municipal and Zoning Regulation
6. Animal Cruelty
7. Veterinary Liability
8. Consumer Protection and the Purchase of Animals
9. Estate Planning
10. Pets in Domestic Relations
11. Service/Support Animals


Table of Cases