Handbook of Civil Practice in the Courts of New Jersey (includes book + digital download)

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Handbook of Civil Practice in the Courts of New Jersey 

An Indispensable Resource for the Attorney Involved in a Civil Action                  Pretrial—At Trial—Post-trial

A Single-Volume New Jersey Civil Practice Guide Logically Organized by the Procedural Steps of a Civil Action!

and ANDREW J. ROTHMAN of Rutgers School of Law — Newark

Includes book + digital download (link provided at checkout)

One Volume - soft bound

Published: January, 2024 (2024 Edition)

(Previous Editions: 1988 (Carter) and 2004-2023)
ISBN: 1-887024-98-0

This practical soft-cover book examines each phase of a civil action, meticulously analyzing applicable federal and New Jersey case law, and New Jersey statutes, court rules and code provisions. The chapters of the Handbook follow the progression of the civil action, from Parties and Pleadings, through Service of Process, Discovery, Trials and Appeals. Specialized actions such as Probate, Family Actions, Tax Court, and Workers' Compensation actions are also discussed in detail. Finally, the Handbook contains a full chapter of important general, appellate, and ADR forms.

The Handbook is designed to be concise and easy to use. Readers will be able to quickly reference the topics and authority at issue by using the book's extensive Tables of Rules, Statutes, Cases and Codes, as well as the 28-page Index.

Expertly written by Alissa Pyrich of Bedwell & Pyrich, LLC and Andrew J. Rothman, of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey School of Law—Newark. Mr. Rothman has taught New Jersey Civil Practice at Rutgers for almost two decades and serves on the Supreme Court Civil Practice Committee.


Table of Cases
Table of New Jersey Rules
Table of New Jersey Statutes
Table of New Jersey Code
1. Introduction
2. Organization of the Courts
3. Parties
4. Pleadings
5. Service of Original Process
6. Case Management and Pretrial Matters
7. Discovery
8. Motions
9. Trials
10. Judgments
11. Appeals
12. Attorneys Fees and Costs
13. Special Civil Part
14. Probate
15. Family Actions
16. Tax Court
17. Special Proceedings
18. Workers' Compensation Proceedings
19. Court-Administered ADR
20. Forms