Pennsylvania Negligence

Bisel Publishing


2024 Edition

AUTHOR: Lisa Stefanoni
1 Volume, Soft-cover
Published: November 2022
Most recent supplement/update: N/A
ISBN: 1-887024-82-4


For the first time, the negligence case law of Pennsylvania has been compiled into one portable, soft-cover volume. Laid out in Dictionary format, Bisel's new PENNSYLVANIA NEGLIGENCE allows you to find cases factually similar to those of your clients quickly and simply. While other texts examine general legal principles, PENNSYLVANIA NEGLIGENCE allows you to focus on the myriad factual scenarios giving rise to duty, indicating breach, and establishing causation. Replacing the multi-volume hardbound binders, Bisel's new PENNSYLVANIA NEGLIGENCE offers the practitioner quick, easy, and up-to-date access to the ever-changing, fact-dependent field of negligence law. This new edition retains and updates the important, relevant case law of the prior set, while eliminating the dated material. The organization of the new book allows you to find the case on point more easily, while its new format enhances its portability and versatility.