Pennsylvania Civil Practice Handbook (includes book + digital download)

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Includes book + digital download (link provided at checkout)

1 volume, Soft-cover
Published: December, 2023 (2024 Edition); $229.00
(Previous Editions: 1973; 1982 and 2004-2022)
Most recent supplement/update: 2024 Supplement, published June 6, 2024.
Library of Congress Number: 2003114533
ISBN: 1-887024-91-3


  • This book is intended to be what it is called, a Handbook of Civil Practice, and not a treatise. The latest edition provides a comprehensive starting point for handling particular civil actions and appeals, for participating in arbitration, and for enforcing judgments. It offers ready answers to questions commonly encountered.

    Focus is on the Pennsylvania and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (RCP, and FRCP, respectively), which govern proceedings in the courts of general jurisdiction. State and Federal Rules of Evidence (Pa.RE, and FRE, respectively), the magisterial district court rules (RCPDJ), and the rules of the municipal court (RCPMC), are covered. The final two chapters discuss state and federal appellate practice, which are governed by the Pennsylvania and Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (RAP, and FRAP, respectively). The text alerts the reader when local rules may vary.

    The format has changed from earlier editions; forms are included, and chapters added to address actions that have become more prevalent. Footnotes replace bracketed material; here, pertinent decisions and comments are found.


    1. Introduction
    2. The Court System & Subject Matter Jurisdiction
    3. Statutes of Limitation
    4. Service of Process and Other Papers
    5. Venue
    6. Parties
    7. Pleadings
    8. Consolidation, Coordination and Severance
    9. Class Actions
    10. Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
    11. Asbestos Actions
    12. Professional Liability Actions
    13. Protection From Abuse
    14. Divorce and Annulment
    15. Custody
    15A. Termination of Parental Rights
    16. Support
    17. Paternity
    18. Real Property Actions
    19. Mechanics' Liens
    20. Equity
    21. Replevin
    22. Declaratory Judgment
    23. Mandamus
    24. Quo Warranto
    25. Habeas Corpus
    26. Motion and Petition Practice
    27. Discovery
    28. Preparation for Trial
    29. Termination Prior to Verdict
    30. Arbitration
    31. Conduct of Trial
    32. Witnesses and Evidence
    33. Proceedings Following Evidence
    34. Judgments
    35. Costs
    36. Final Process
    37. Appeals — State Courts
    38. Appeals — Federal Courts

    Appendix A (Pennsylvania Court System)
    Appendix B (Pennsylvania Court Clerks & Courthouses)
    Appendix C (Damages for Delay — Prime Rate)
    Appendix D (Equity and Civil Action Consolidated)
    Appendix E (Partial Custody and Visitation)
    Appendix F (Actions For Support: Alternative Hearing Procedures By County)
    Appendix G (Court of Common Pleas Civil Cover Sheet)
    Appendix H (Actions For Divorce: Alternative Hearing Procedures By County)
    Appendix I (Medical Malpractice Forms)
    Appendix J (Physician Verification Form In Action For Support)