Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Lawsource®

Bisel Publishing


2nd Edition

1 Volume, Soft cover, 212 Pages
Published: October, 2002 (Previous Editions: 1998 — 1st Edition)
Most recent supplement/update: N/A
ISBN: 1-887024-24-7

The Collected Unemployment Compensation Statute, Cases and Commentary


Readers familiar with Bisel's Lawsource® Series will find much that is familiar, and some things that are unfamiliar, about this new addition. Like all the Lawsource Series, the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Lawsource presents the official statute in its entirety and completely cross-referenced to the leading secondary source of the act. The book also presents a number of other official state documents in supplementation of the statute: official administrative documents and relevant rules of court.

But what you may expect to see - and won't - are the usual case squibs and Pennsylvania Code excerpts. Instead these have been summarized in the "Cases and Commentary" sections that follow each title of the Unemployment Compensation Act itself. As authors, and as practicing attorneys and longtime members of the Pennsylvania bar, we believe that unemployment compensation is a largely-neglected area of Pennsylvania law. For too long employers and practitioners generally viewed unemployment compensation as a minor distraction in a legal environment dominated by employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, workplace safety, and workers' compensation concerns. Today, primarily because of the unemployment claim's frequently close relationship to these larger legal issues, the lawyer and human resource specialist alike must fully understand and appreciate the nuances of unemployment compensation law.

Thus your authors have taken some pains to present a careful, and completely up-to-date, treatment of the law in commentary form. Additionally, we feel that you will find some of the supplementary materials referenced above to be difficult or impossible to find in any convenient location except this Lawsource.

This revised second edition of Bisel's Unemployment Compensation Lawsource has been reorganized for easier use. Part I contains the text of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensaton Law. Part II provides an overview of the statute and calls the reader's attention to significant cases interpreting the statute. Our hope is that Part II will provide a helpful resource for beginning one's research or review of the statute. The reader can then easily reference the statute itself in Part I.

Although there have not been any major revisions in the statute itself since the first publication of the Unemployment Compensation Lawsource in 1997, there have been a number of important new judicial decisions, which are reflected in Part II.


Table of Contents

PA Unemployment Compensation Act
I. Preliminary Provisions—U.C.A.
II. Administration of Act—U.C.A.
III. Contributions by Employers and Employees—U.C.A.
IV. Compensation—U.C.A.
IVA. Extended Benefits Program—U.C.A.
V. Determination of Compensation; Appeals; Reviews; Procedure—U.C.A.
VI. Unemployment Compensation Fund and Administration Fund—U.C.A.
VII. Protection of Rights and Compensation—U.C.A.
VIII. Penalty Provisions—U.C.A.
IX. Saving Clause; Repeals; Effective Date—U.C.A.
X. Benefits to Employees of the Commonwealth—U.C.A.
XI. Employees of Non-Profit Organizations—U.C.A.
XII. Employees of Political Subdivisions—U.C.A.

Cases and Commentary
1. Eligibility in General
2. Administration of the Act
3. Funding the Unemployment Compensation Program
4. Basic Qualifications for Unemployment Compensation
5. Ineligibility for Benefits
6. Federal, Extended and Interstate Benefits
7. Protection of Rights; Penalties
8. Nonprofit Organizations and Political Subdivisions
9. Impact of Federal Labor Legislation
10. Relationship to Wrongful Discharge