Family Law E-Reporter (annual subscription-published twice monthly)

Bisel Publishing

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Bisel's Family Law E-Reporter, Arthur S. Zanan. This reporter is published twice a month and emailed to subscribers. Its purpose is to provide Pennsylvania practitioners with timely access to relevant and up-to-date Family Law information. The content will include brief summaries and headnotes of important Family Law appellate and trial court decisions, proposed and enacted Family Law legislation and proposed and adopted state and local Family Court rules, as well as links to the full-text of the decisions, legislation and court rules.
Important Note: In addition to published court opinions, this publication also contains Non-Precedential Memoranda Opinions. These Memoranda Opinions have taken on a new importance. Beginning with cases dated May 1, 2019 and later, Non-Precedential Memoranda Opinions of the PA Superior Court may be cited for persuasive authority.