Pennsylvania Insurance Law (includes book + digital download)

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Library of Congress Number: 90-84169
ISBN: 1-887024-19-0

1 Volume, Loose-Leaf bound, 939 Pages

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Published: November 2005 (3rd Ed.) Previous Editions:1991, 1998.
Most recent supplement/update: 2023 Mid-Year Supplement; released April 2023; $179.00


  • Life • Health • Property/Casualty

    This is a guide to the law of insurance in Pennsylvania. It attempts to make that body of law more manageable by summarizing the statutes, regulations, and court opinions, and by bringing them together in an orderly way.

    The statutes and regulations need reorganization to remedy duplication and dispersion. Court opinions can be found, to some extent, through the annotated statutes, but the search is hampered by the disarray in the statutes. In addition, holdings that do not construe any statute may be hidden in, or missing from, the annotations. This book summarizes assembles, and organizes those authorities to make them more accessible.

    This is an overview of the law, rather than an exhaustive compilation of all statutes, regulations and opinions. It does not replace the primary sources, but rather serves as an introduction to them.

    Specimens of forms are displayed in the Appendices to show the reader the documents that may be required in certain situations. They are for illustration, not for use. The Insurance Department forms should be obtained from the Department, to make certain that the forms are up-to-date and that Department procedures are followed. Other forms, such as releases and pleadings, should be drafted to suit the facts, procedural requirements and substantive law applying to each situation.


    Table of References
    Part I. Licensing and Control of Insurers and Agents
      Chapters 1 to 7
    Part II. Life Insurance and Annuities
      Chapters 8 to 24
    Part III. Health Insurance
      Chapters 25 to 37
    Part IV. Specifically Regulated Providers of Health Services
      Chapters 38 to 42
    Part V. Property and Casualty Insurance
      Subpart A. Property and Casualty Insurance in General
      Chapters 43 to 46
      Subpart B. Fire Insurance
      Chapters 47 to 50
      Subpart C. Motor Vehicle Insurance
      Chapters 51 to 57
      Subpart D. Other Property and Casualty Insurance
      Chapters 58 to 61
    Part VI. Miscellaneous Insurance Entities
      Subpart A. Title Insurance
      Chapters 62 to 64
      Subpart B. Other Entities
      Chapters 65 to 66
    Part VII. Claim Practices, Complaints and Litigation
      Chapters 67 to 71

    Appendices to Chapters — Forms Examples