Pennsylvania Municipal Lawsource® (includes book + digital download)

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Compilation of the relevant laws

18th Edition

1 volume, Soft-cover

Includes book + digital download (link provided at checkout)

Published: February 2024. Twenty-first Edition. (Previous Editions: 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007-2009, 2011-2023).
Most recent supplement/update: N/A
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 97-078244
ISBN: 1-887024-27-1
ISSN: 2160-3227

All the Pennsylvania Municipal Statutes, Regulations, Rules and Codes You Need in One Compact, Soft-Cover 1400-page Book and Digital Download!

- Ethics, Records, and Open Meetings including: Sunshine Act; Right-to-Know Law; Conflicts of Interest; and Public Official and Employee Ethics Act  

- Taxation including: Local Tax Enabling Act; Local Tax Collection Law; Local Taxpayer Bill of Rights; Neighborhood Improvement District Act; Residential Visitability Design Tax Credit Act

- Torts, Contract, and Civil Rules including: Tort Claims Act; Contracts for Public Works; Electronic Bidding by Local Government Units; Prevailing Wage Act; Contractors’ Bonds; and Statutes of Limitations and Appeals

- Zoning and Planning including: PA Municipalities Planning Code; Wireless Broadband Collocation Act; Bluff Recession and Setback Act; Gas and Oil; Regulation of Local Agriculture; Open Space Lands Acquisition and Preservation; Land Banks; Conservation and Preservation Easements Act; Religious Land Use; and PA Religious Freedom Protection Act; Development Permit Extension Act  

- Construction and Emergency Codes including: Construction Code Act; Uniform Construction Code Regulations; Emergency Management Services Code; Counterterrorism Planning, Preparedness and Response Act; and Neighborhood Revitalization Act

- Municipal Codes including: Municipality Authorities Act; Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law; First Class Township Code; Second Class Township Code; Borough Code; Third Class City Code; and Optional Third Class City Charter Law; Residency During Military Service.  

This book contains the laws and rules that a Solicitor needs at his or her fingertips, and which should be on the bookshelf of every lawyer whose practice touches Pennsylvania municipalities. Any attorney not immediately equipped with all of the information contained in Bisel's PA Municipal Lawsource is potentially and publicly unprepared. Counseling and appearing before local governments can be minefields, and knowledge of the laws and rules in this book is the tool to defuse them.

The great freedoms of our democracy initially sprout where the grass roots grow. Local government is responsible for the streets where we live, the centers where we shop, the businesses where we work, and the places where we play and pray. Pennsylvania municipalities have a long and proud history of implementing the American way, and a primary source of this success is Pennsylvania Municipal Law.

The need for a consolidated compilation of the relevant laws governing Pennsylvania Municipalities became apparent during service as Solicitor for Bensalem, Bucks County, the largest Second Class Township in Pennsylvania. Proper preparedness for meetings of the township Council often required attendance with a brief case full of books.

This book is intended for the four groups participating in local government. Lawyers, whether representing the government, business interests, or citizens, need to appear in public with the law at their fingertips. The second group, elected officials, place an over-reliance on the lawyers. Good government is more likely when elected and appointed officials also know the laws by which they govern the rest of us. The third group, the many citizens who actively participate in and monitor their local government, should likewise be well armed with accurate statutes. The law should never be the property of just the lawyers and officials. The fourth group, the local press, might augment their attempts at accurate reporting with the law in hand.

Local Government is significantly enhanced when all four groups—the lawyers, the officials, the citizens, and the press have ready access to the laws by which we govern ourselves at the local level. Bisel's Municipal Lawsource attempts to answer that need.


Table of Contents

Part I
Ethics, Records, and Open Meetings
Chapter 1 Sunshine Act: Open Meetings Law
Chapter 2 Right-To-Know Law; Inspection, Copying and Disposition of Records; Deeds
Chapter 3 Public Official and Employee Ethics Act; Conflicts of Interest; Oath of Office

Part II
Chapter 4 Local Tax Enabling Act
Chapter 5 Local Tax Collection Law
Chapter 6 Local Government Unit Debt Act
Chapter 7 Optional Occupation Tax Elimination Act [REPEALED]
Chapter 8 Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights
Chapter 9 Neighborhood Improvement District Act
Chapter 10 Residential Visitability Design Tax Credit Act

Part III
Torts, Contracts, and Civil Rules
Chapter 11 Tort Claims Act
Chapter 12 Contracts for Public Works
Chapter 13 Electronic Bidding by Local Government Units
Chapter 14 Public Works Contractors' Bonds
Chapter 15 Prevailing Wage Act
Chapter 16 42 Pa. C.S. Sections 5522, 5524, 5571, & 5572 Limitation of Actions and Appeals
Chapter 17 Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure Action in Mandamus
Chapter 18 Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure The Commonwealth and Political Subdivisions as Parties

Part IV
Zoning & Planning
Chapter 19 Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
Chapter 19.1 Wireless Broadband Collocation Act
Chapter 19.2 Development Permit Extension Act
Chapter 20 Bluff Recession and Setback Act
Chapter 21-A Gas and Oil
Chapter 21-B Regulation of Local Agriculture
Chapter 22 Open Space Lands Acquisition and Preservation
Chapter 22.1 Land Banks
Chapter 23 Conservation and Preservation Easements Act
Chapter 24 Religious Land Use; Religious Freedom Protection Act

Part V
Construction & Emergency Codes
Chapter 25 Construction Code Act
Chapter 26 Uniform Construction Code Regulations
Chapter 27.1 Municipal Code and Ordinance Compliance Act and Blight
Chapter 27.2 Municipality Condemnation Order Act
Chapter 27.3 Failure to Comply with a Code Requirement
Chapter 27.4 Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act
Chapter 27.5 Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act
Chapter 27.6 Blighted Property—Definition
Chapter 28 Social Security Number Privacy Act
Chapter 29 Emergency Management—Counterterrorism Act
Chapter 30 Emergency Management Services Code

Part VI
Municipal Codes
Chapter 31 Municipality Authorities Act
Chapter 32 Water Services Act
Chapter 33 Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law
Chapter 34 First Class Township Code
Chapter 35 Second Class Township Code
Chapter 36 The Borough Code
Chapter 37-A Third Class City Code
Chapter 37-B Optional Third Class City Charter Law
Chapter 38 Residency During Military Service