Pennsylvania's Orphans' Court Practice-7 Vol.

Bisel Publishing


  1st - 4th Editions by the late RAYMOND M. REMICK
  5th Edition by the late RICHARD J. PARTRIDGE
  Present Edition by the late CHARLES W. FRAMPTON
  Current supplementation by:
EILEEN GRANT, Member of the Montgomery County Bar

Published: 1975-1981 (Previous Editions: 1924 (1st), 1961-1964 (5th))
Most recent supplement/update: 2021 supplement (Rel. #56; released Dec. 2021

ISBN: 1-887024-69-7

Designed as a comprehensive, streamlined estate's administration and orphans' court guide for the busy lawyer. It provides Pennsylvania's finest and most complete coverage of the law, practice and forms needed by the active practitioner in his or her approach to the intricate problems in the administration of estates, and all in conformity with the new and revised statutes and rules.

An ideal companion to Hunter, the orphans' court authorities reference set.


Probate and the Grant of Letters
(Revised 1975)

Chapter 1 When and Where Letters Should be Granted
Chapter 2 The Grant of Letters; Letters of Administration
Chapter 3 Probate of Wills
Chapter 4 Will Contests
Chapter 5 Letters Testamentary
Chapter 6 Miscellaneous Letters
Chapter 7 Bonds of Personal Representatives
Chapter 8 Revocation of Letters
Chapter 9 Absentees and Presumed Decedents
Chapter 10 Vacating Presumed Decedents' Proceedings

(Revised 1976)

Chapter 11 Procedure Before Grant of Letters
Chapter 12 Administration Duties and Powers
Chapter 13 The Inventory
Chapter 14 Collection and Administration of Decedent's Property
Chapter 15 Administration and Disposition of Real Estate
Chapter 16 Debts of Decedent
Chapter 17 Actions By and Against Executors and Administrators
Chapter 18 Settlement of Taxes

Accounting in the Orphans' Court
(Revised 1978)

Chapter 19 Filing Accounts
Chapter 20 Method of Accounting
Chapter 21 Notice of Accounts
Chapter 22 Processing of Accounts
Chapter 23 Audits and Adjudication
Chapter 24 Auditors
Chapter 25 Presentation of Claims
Chapter 26 Review and Appeal

(Revised 1978)

Chapter 27 Determining Interest, Identity and Right to Receive
Chapter 28 Rights and Limitations Pertaining to Distributive Shares
Chapter 29 The Family Exemption
Chapter 30 Surviving Spouse's Allowance
Chapter 31 Election by Surviving Spouse
Chapter 32 Distribution: Procedure; Remedial Actions
Chapter 33 Legacies, Annuities and Other Charges: Enforcement; Presumptions; Etc.

(Revised 1980)

Chapter 34 Applications to the Orphans' Court Division
Chapter 35 Trustees
Chapter 36 Guardians: Persons and Estates of Minors

(Revised 1980)

Chapter 37 Guardians: Persons and Estates of Incompetents
Chapter 38 Guardians and Trustees Ad Litem
Chapter 39 Powers, Duties, Rights and Liabilities: In General
Chapter 40 Investments by Fiduciaries
Chapter 41 Bonds and Sureties
Chapter 42 Nonresident and Foreign Fiduciaries
Chapter 43 Discharge and Removal of Fiduciaries

Orphans' Court, Table of Cases, Cross-Reference Index
(Revised 1981)

Chapter 44 Jurisdiction, Powers, Organization and Functions of the Orphans' Court
Chapter 45 Pleadings
Chapter 46 Procedure to Compel Appearance
Chapter 47 Proceedings to Enforce Orders and Decrees
Chapter 48 Witnesses and Evidence
Chapter 49 Partition
Chapter 50 The Revised Price Act of 1917
Chapter 51 Escheat
Chapter 52 Adoption
Appendix 1 Supreme Court Orphans' Court Rules
Appendix 2 Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code (with Comparative Reference Table)
Appendix 3 Applicable Judicial Code Provisions
Table of Cases  
General Index  
Forms Index